Supporting Rolls Bakery

Grab a coffee or a freshly baked pastry before heading out to explore the park, or take a break with sandwiches and refuel with some ice cream, pastries and cookies!

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Dragon Flame Grill

Enjoy a “taste of Berk”! The thematic Dragon Flame Grill will ensure you’re all set for a fiery experience with its special hearty chilli and curries!

Very Smurfy Café

Very Smurfy Café brings you special themed items made by Baker Smurf to give you a Smurfy sneak peek at the fun that awaits you!

Baby Brent's Luncheonette

When you're in a colossal food storm after the hit movie "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs", you know you're going to Baby Brent's Luncheonette.

Slimer's Diner

Enjoy this all-American fast food joint and its savoury sandwiches, marshmallow desserts and Ghostbusters themed cookies.